Metanoia Solutions is a client-centered company. In this sense, Metanoia goes beyond the offerings of a ‘typical outsourcing company’. Our success depends on thoroughly understanding our clients’ needs to be able to independently promote their interests in our work and guarantee that their vision is always met with clear terms and solid deliverables upon which they can plan and depend.

Apart from the private sector, we have also provided services to the States of WI, FL and NC

Company Profile

Metanoia Solutions provides services to companies from all-tiers. We also collaborate with staffing companies such as Modis and Kelly Services. To improve customer experience and quality of service, dedicated account managers work with our clients to ensure project success.

Our experienced consultants have provided services to some of the Fortune 500 companies such as: AT&T, Bank of America, Citigroup, Verizon Communications, Walgreens, PepsiCo, Cisco Systems, Kohl’s and Sears

Client Testimonials

  • Angie F. Mallow
    Sr. Resource Development Manager

    Metanoia Solutions is one of the most professional firms I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They provided an excellent consultant for one of our needs and he performed remarkably. I look forward to working with them in the future.

  • Sibi M Thankachan
    Vice President
    Graft Consulting, Inc

    Metanoia solutions understands the complex job orders and put in the extra effort when needed on our most difficult requirements with candidates. They consistently help us closing job orders. We found them very professional to deal with. A++. I would recommend Metanoia solutions to any companies looking for a reliable service provider.

  • Bob Lucas
    Director of Business Development
    Synergy Consortium Services

    As a Consortium of over 150 IT staffing firms, we solicit contract personnel to fill positions in all information technology disciplines for the State of Wisconsin and other private-sector clients. Since joining our group in early 2009, Metanoia Solutions has responded to nearly all of our postings with high-caliber and geographically-compatible candidates. The consultants presented to us by Metanoia consistently make our shortlist of candidates for final submission to our clients. In those instances where Metanoia candidates have been offered contract positions through us, we have found that the Metanoia staff is very efficient and prompt in handling the administration details of those engagements. I can sincerely recommend working with Swapna Agarwal (VP of Business Development) and her team in filling the contract IT needs of your organization.

  • Michael J. Hanlon
    Regional Director of Recruiting

    It is with great pleasure that I send this letter of reference for Harsha Pasunuri and Metanoia Solutions Inc. Celerity has engaged with Metanoia Solutions Inc. for the purpose of performing professional technical expertise for information technology consulting services including programming and solutions architecture for three years. Our experience working with Harsha Pasunuri and his team has been exceptional.

    We most recently worked with Metanoia Solutions Inc. on a high profile engagement for a major financial service client of Celerity. Prior to our engagement with Metanoia Solutions, this particular project was behind schedule and faced many challenges that likely would not have been resolved without the support of Metanoia Solutions Inc. However, Metanoia Solutions provided elite resources and top-notch talent that turned the project around and Celerity met our deliverables while implanting and deploying an excellent/complex web based application on an enterprise level.

    While partnering with Metanoia Solutions, they provided support throughout the entire software development lifecycle. In particular, they were instrumental in providing multifaceted Solutions Architecture support based on a Java/J2EE web application platform in a large multi-terabyte enterprise environment. On a technical level, they provided support in gathering user requirements, architectural design analysis and programming of the web based application. Analytically, they consulted with management; evaluated problems and needs for future expansion and hardware/software interface; performed programming and analysis tasks.

    Most importantly, Celerity’s partnership with Metanoia Solutions Inc. was an essential contributor to deliver this project on time and on budget.

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